Work Location

Some of the staff on our contract works on site at the customer's location. The rest of our work in our company loctions. Turns out we bill more when we work on the company grounds. That makes sense. The company needs to pay for the building, and the staff to support the off site location. To me it is better to work at our company's site. There are less security hassles. Plus I get more resources at my company building.

Our contract also requires that a certain percentage of folks work on site at the client site. Some of the big boys on the contract work on site with the client. That makes sense for the client facing folks who need to be in meetings all day at the client site. But for a developer like myself, it is a distraction to have to travel to the customer site.

Customer site parking for contractors is limited. So is seating. There are limited resouces for contractors there as well. Why go through all the hassle? Somehow I got pegged to work at the client site. I worked out a deal where I just work from home. This saves me a lot of travel time, as well as some travel money. The customer is good because they get billed the cheaper rate. Win win anyone?