Big Contracts = Big Money

I live in the Washington DC area and am a software engineer. Although I have worked for on a few commercial software projects, most of the work here is in support of one government contractor or another. The big contracting companies have relatively stable positions that pay well. Government contracting is a science all by itself.

In this blog I would like to explore the world of government contracting. I want to focus on those large contracts for software services. This does include contract to develop software systems. However the most common software contracts are those for long term software maintenance.

It is my hope that I can relay the experience of working for any one of the big contracting companies to other software professionals. I know the government contract world is nothing like the life at a normal commercial software development company. Maybe I can make the case for you to try working on a government contract yourself. Or maybe it will solidify your decision to stay in the commercial arena. Either way I invite you to come along for the ride.