Contract Recompete

Our project at work is at a critical juncture. We are in the last option year of the contract. That means that there will be a recompete of the contract. When things go well, you would expect that an incumbent like us would have a good chance of winning the rebid. However nothing is certain. Our company won the contract when the prior subcontractor lost the recompete.

The twist is that our contract is a maintenance one on the current system. The customer plans to replace the system in the near future. That work will be performed under a separate contract. Some tasks on that other contract have already been awarded. We would like to win that development work. Once again you would think we would been a reasonable choice, since we know how the current system works.

Here is hoping for the best of outcomes. But what happens if my company loses both bids, both for the existing maintenance and the development of the new system. Should I roll off onto another contract that my company has? Or should I jump ship and stay with the project? I have chosen option two a number of times for this project. If the past is any indicator, I will have to make that jump.